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build thread

  1. anand

    Build Thread MallCrl 3.0

    It's been a long time coming, something along the lines of a 5 month delay from when it was originally quoted to arrive, but yesterday I was finally able to pick up my Grenadier from the awesome folks at Regal Ineos in Georgia. Bo, Brian, John, Lane, the whole crew down there was absolutely...
  2. ADVAW8S

    Quarterdeck- ADVAW8S QM build thread

    This thread will be for my build of QM. I look to share ideas and also ask other forum memebers to share ideas or solutions. I have named the thread Quarterdeck after the military term used for area where senior officers work. Since I will be the captain of my ship, I will live and work in...
  3. AngusMacG

    Build Thread Angus’ build thread

    I had originally spec’d a Scottish White Trialmaster w/tow hitch, privacy glass, aux battery, utility trim, and steelies. I ended up purchasing an Eldoret Blue w/Black contrast roof, grey ladder frame, integrated winch, utility trim, aux battery, tow hitch, and steelies. Current to do add-ons...
  4. GooseGear

    Goose Gear Build Thread

    Hello folks, In our history, we have not done detailed build threads. But I feel that this vehicle warrants the effort from the team. We will most likely trim comments to items that are relevant to our build as a source for other users to get detailed information about what we do and why. Less...
  5. Heater

    Build Thread

    I posted some questions in the build thread. For those interested, possibly it can help others with the same inquiries. Primarily aimed to explore the possibilities of adjusting settings on the suspension.
  6. Stu_Barnes

    Build Thread Build thread guidelines. Please read

    Just a few guidelines to help any uncertainties. This portion of the forum is for individuals to document the build out of their Grenadier. Only post on this part of the forum when you are actually building out your grenadier or are putting together your plans. Thread titles will be in the...
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