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  1. N

    ReulParts smart + custom Belgium appear to be developing some products for the Grenadier

    This company may be known by the European members of the group but while searching for information for a totally unrelated Iveco 4x4 I had this company from Belgium, ReulParts smart + Custom page suggested. It looks like they have rock sliders, a winch bar and a concealed winch support in...
  2. M

    Hello from Gent, Belgium

    Got my Grenadier since Christmas. It's a utility wagon, diesel. Didn't do much yet, went to the Swiss Alps in the snow. What can I say .... It's just wonderful, love every inch of it! Can't wait until spring to start making our overland installations. Have fun.
  3. Jean Mercier

    Interview of Jim Ratcliffe in my Flemish Financial Newspaper

    With his picture on the Front page too. Here the unformatted and uncorrected translation Ineos CEO Jim Ratcliffe: 'Does Europe still want a chemical sector?' “If no more investments are possible in Europe, the chemical sector will slowly die, as the textile sector has died,” warns Ineos CEO...
  4. Jean Mercier

    Insurance in Belgium

    I asked a quotation soon after my Grenadier arrived in Belgium in February 2023. Their quotation stayed valid (with a first year exceptional discount of 15%) until May 20. Best quotation was (as far as I know) 800 € / for the first year YUZZU (02/2023) “full omnium” with what they call an...
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