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  1. C

    Aircon switches to full heat randomly

    The baptism of fire for my newly purchased sete green fieldmaster was Brisbane to Melbourne in scorching 36 deg weather along with wife and dog for Christmas with the kids. All great for 500 klms then the aircon decided to open the heat flaps along with the aircon cooling flaps increasing the...
  2. Augustin

    Problems with air conditioning, water

    Hello everyone, I don't know if it fits in here (otherwise please move or delete my post), but I have problems with the air conditioning. It started in the summer with rainwater flowing into the car. Attached is a video taken while driving in the rain. Water was running into the passenger's...
  3. Dre

    Hello from Melbourne, Australia

    Hi All, I picked up my diesel model back in late August and have been very happy with it. I've gone for the dark green and kitted it out as part of my initial order so it seems I'm one of the few with the picnic table built in. I've gone with the Roo bar in front, snorkel, rock sliders for added...
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