Just so bad so far.....

I have pre paid my deposit for my vehicle. I continue to own 2 Defenders and a new Range Rover. I think we all agree that Land Rover are quite the most obtuse and customer alienating brand in terms of their service levels andI  was looking forward to backing Jim Ratcliffes Grenadier. 

My experience to date has been woeful. The poor kids on the factored call centre must be getting mullared by all accounts at the frustration of the calls they are receiving to actually order a vehicle.

They are not at fault. Ineos seems to have jumped the gun considerably when launching a sales process that is far from ready, a website that doesn't advise of any issues being worked on and an altogether frustrating experience. The excitement about my ordering (tried at least 20 times now and have 3 oustanding tickets open with Ineos) has been truly shattered - Ineos have taken all the jam out of my doughnut so far and its so very sad. If only someone could speak with me who can give firm answers, it would go some way to understanding their teething issues. Poor, poor service. Marketing and Sales Heads of Depts should be hanging in shame.


Grenadier Ordered
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I think they have achieved a significant amount of progress, but agree from what I've read their customer service could be better.  Typically this happens when you outsource but don't invest in the right partner or training.   

Let's hope Ineos are listening and can invest and fix quickly.