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  1. Desert Max DXB

    New Member Dubai UAE

    I bought lightblue Grenadier with white roof. Received it early Mid October and just took it for 1500km sand dune spin in Oman Empty Quarter. I have learned a lot!
  2. D

    Local Area Thread UAE Owner’s Group on WApp

    Hi everyone, It would be good for us all to have a WApp group to get to know each other and learn of local solutions to the vehicle and meet ups. If you are interested, please DM me your number and full name so I can add you. Best, Nadim
  3. ealshamsi

    Local Area Thread Finally, my Grenadier is home.

    Hi Everyone, I have received my Grenadier last night: - Trailmaster. - Color: Donny Grey. I enjoyed driving it home; it was my first ever Grenadier drive. Eisa
  4. F

    Greetings from UAE

    Just received my Grenadier Fieldmaster last weekend. Doing the inroad for the first 2,000kms. So far, great experience. Having to unlearn a few having got used to tech and sensors we have in our cars now a days! On insuarance, didn’t have much option as the brand is yet to get listed with...
  5. ealshamsi

    Local Area Thread Grenadier Insurance policy in the UAE.

    Hi All, During my insurance policy lookout for my Grenadier, I discovered that some companies don't offer full coverage for this car here in the UAE. Their justification is (It has high risk). did someone face the same thing? Eisa
  6. Pfk

    Local Area Thread My grenadier is here

    Hello to everyone, I would like to share that I have finally received my trialmaster this weekend. It has been an absolute joy so far and I look forward to seeing your vehicle posts!
  7. ealshamsi

    Local Area Thread Which UAE's License Plates size do you prefer?

    Marhaba, Which is a more suitable License Plate for the Grenadier in the UAE do you prefer? Is it the regular (small) size or the wide one (long)? Personally, I am more into the small one, because I think it is more suitable, and it goes with the square shape of the Grenadier. Which one do you...
  8. ealshamsi

    Local Area Thread Marhaba Assa'a (Hi)

    Hi UAE members, This is Eisa ALSHAMSI, close to being a Grenadier (Trailmaster) owner. It is my pleasure to be among you.
  9. ealshamsi

    Hi All from Sharjah, UAE

    I am glad to join your forum, and looking forward to sharing knowledge, experience, and stories.
  10. M

    New Granadier experience

    Hello from the UAE , I am new Granadier owner , so far 500km is a brilliant experience for someone who had always been a fan of LR Defenders
  11. J

    New UAE member - Grenadier ordered!

    Hi all, my names Joe, just ordered my new Grenadier!
  12. Pfk

    UAE Grenadier Test drive available at Adamas Motors

    Hello UAE Grenadiers i had the pleasure of test driving the grenadier on the morning of the 10th of may in the dubai Adamas motors showroom. the vehicle is available to test drive (on road) therefore i recommend you book your session. it has been sometime i have not driven a recirculating...
  13. Pfk

    Welcome UAE ineos forum members

    Hello UAE members, First of, big Thanks to @Stu_Barnes for his time and effort in creating this forum. It is now reaching the far ends of the world, similarly to what the ineos grenadier has been designed to do. We look forward to sharing our grenadier and overland stories, experiences, and...
  14. Stu_Barnes

    Local Forum Guidelines UAE

    Welcome to the local forum for the UAE, This section of the INEOS forum is for particular conversations concerning UAE. A few examples of what lives here as opposed to elsewhere on the forum. Gas station prices in a particular town / village. Gas availability in the outback. Recommendations on...
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