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steel rims

  1. Factory Steel Wheels - 5

    For sale Factory Steel Wheels - 5

    5 wheels removed from the grenadier upon purchase. Vehicle was the first to be lifted with Eibach US spec prototype kit and put on different wheels and bigger tires. Factory tires were sold already. The rims are now up for sale for anyone that prefers the classic look of the old school steel...
  2. Factory steel wheels and BFG KO2’s

    For sale Factory steel wheels and BFG KO2’s

    Selling my factory steel wheels (5) and BFG KO2’s (5) with less than 500 miles on them. Went to Reikas and bigger/different tires. Only ever driven on road, no damage to tires or wheels, practically brand new! They are mounted and balanced but do not have TPMS. $1400 I am willing to split the...
  3. Ineos 17" Steel Rims For Sale

    For sale Ineos 17" Steel Rims For Sale

    Factory 17" steel rims used for approx 1,200 miles. Selling all 5. One rim was bent and i had to hammer back. It holds air, but wanted to disclose that. The four others are good to go for anyone wanting a second set. Asking $800 because I don't know what the market is. I'll listen to any fair...
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