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rhino rack

  1. Mallig

    Fitting my Thule to the Rhino Rack Cross Bars

    Wanted to share with others the problem and solution to fit my older Thule Evolution box to the OEM Rhino Rack crossbars. I purchased the box around 2013. I don't think Thule makes them anymore and the quick clamp system seems to have evolved a few times as well. Newer Thule models with the...
  2. A

    Wind Deflector for fill rhino rack

    Wind noise from the full size Rhino Rack is a bit much. I build this out of a piece of 14x60" 1/4" ABS sheet. Center cut is 1.75 deep and 10.5 wide. Lower bend is 1.75" up from the bottom, and top bend is 3" from the top. I 3D printed some T nuts and bolted it down. The top bend is a bit more...
  3. M

    Factory Full Rhino Rack measurements to roof?

    Hey, folks. I was hoping someone with the factory full rhino rack could chime in here. I need the measurements from the top front (top of the bar closest to the engine) down to the roof. I know the roof sort of angles downwards but I’ve been unable to find the measurements for it and the...
  4. Christian


    After some research, I decided to purchase a modified RHINO RACK PIONEER PLATTFORM INEOS GRENADIER from Taubenreuther. But I'm starting small and only have bought the BACKBONE KIT INEOS GRENADIER and 3 RECONN-DECK QUERTRÄGER 1650 MM, to transport my roof tent, bike rack or canoes. With these...
  5. J

    New member from France

    Hi everyone, what a great forum ! So many informations available ! I'll receive my Trailmaster Diesel next week and wanted to know if anyone have a solution for a table under the Rhino Rack full rack as Front Runner have. I see in Australia Kaon has a system but the shipping + taxes makes it...
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