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  1. slomo

    In Pennsylvania

    Just got it last week. Looking forward to using it and joining the group.
  2. D

    Americas Pennsylvania dealer contact anyone?

    While lots of the regional dealers are enthusiastically introducing themselves on various forums and contacting reservation holders, the PA group seems to be crickets; not a word. Anybody heard anything from them? Wondering what's up or if I should find another dealer to go with.
  3. Gibby

    Greetings from Pennsylvania

    This is my first opportunity to say hello to all. I placed my reservation on September, 2021, got my first prototype drive on 5/28/23 in Virginia, my pre-order was placed 5/31/23 #9481, contacted the local dealer 7/30/23 that is in Philadelphia, and have yet to receive my estimated build month...
  4. FlyersFan76

    Americas Pennsylvania Sighting (Prediction)

    There is a special car show outside Philadelphia for Carriages, Classic, Antiques, etc. They also show off upcoming new high-end cars or concepts. The Grenadier dealer is a sponsor so maybe, just maybe. The website doesn't always post everything that will be in the dealers new car tents but...
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