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new zealand

  1. robby

    Hello from Auckland, New Zealand.

    My dad has the first grenadier that was delivered in the southern hemisphere and while I don’t daily it (neither does he) I’ve driven it a few times and am currently planning a 6500km road trip in it for April next year! I’ve already got a lot of information off the forum so thank you to...
  2. TJNZ

    Kia Ora from Auckland New Zealand.

    Im one of the Sales Team members for INEOS Armstrongs in Auckland New Zealand. Great to read everyone's stories and seeing so many interest in the INEOS Brand here in NZ. Lets keep it up!!
  3. timevill

    NZ IG INE05

    Picked up my Trialmaster at last and took it for a run up north through hail and wind. Apart from the recognized teething glitches, I am delighted with this very impressive vehicle. As a multi LR owner and. G Wagen fan i find much to admire about the IG and find it worth the patient two year...
  4. G

    Ahoy from Aongatete, New Zealand

    A Magic Mushroom Grenadier is in my garage. Thanks to Armstrongs I was able to collect 2 days ago. Very pleased. Guess what I’ll be doing today - Greg
  5. Stu_Barnes

    First Handover in New Zealand
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