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  1. J

    grab rail

    Hi where can I get a grabrail to fit right- hand side front "A"- post My friend has a bad knee and does not want to keep using the steering wheel to assist getting in Thanks Brian
  2. Kevin Mokracek

    Roof grab handle rating?

    I swear I read a rating for the grab handles on the roof at some point but now I can't find it? I have a few big wall portaledges that I use climbing and thought in a pinch when not towing my trailer, like I have a choice in that right now anyway, I could just hang a portaledge off the handle...
  3. Kruegerruda

    Roof rack better in the gutter or on the grab rails?

    Most suppliers attach the roof rack to the gutter. Thomas from the company Blacksheep Innovation has explained to us that the gutter is not intended for this. He has a design with attachment to the handles. The handles have been designed by Ineos for this. What is your opinion?
  4. emax

    Passenger side Grab Handle: Part numbers and prices

    Today I got the quotes for the passenger side grab handle. In my case (Germany) it is the LHD version. A quick response and a good service in this regard. I only got a screenshot which you can see below. This does not include VAT and sums up to 329,29€. Plus 19% VAT in Germany makes 392,60€...
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