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  1. A

    Wind Deflector for fill rhino rack

    Wind noise from the full size Rhino Rack is a bit much. I build this out of a piece of 14x60" 1/4" ABS sheet. Center cut is 1.75 deep and 10.5 wide. Lower bend is 1.75" up from the bottom, and top bend is 3" from the top. I 3D printed some T nuts and bolted it down. The top bend is a bit more...
  2. emax

    Diesel B57: What To Fill In Where?

    I have not found any pictures or graphics in the manual which explains which liquids have to be filled in where. I found A) ... ? B) ... ? C) ... ? D) motor oil E) wiping water F) ... ? Questions: Can you fill in the blanks? If known: spec of the liquidf? If known: amount? Did I...
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