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  1. M

    Exhaust Gas Temp displayed?

    I plan on towing with my Quartermaster when it arrives. With Engine temp, gear box and diff temps, Is there an Exhaust Gas Temp (EGT) display anywhere? Surely there is a temp sensor in the exhaust with all the other sensors in this vehicle. EGT's are invaluable when towing, and want to know...
  2. PilotMike

    General Aftermarket Exhaust?

    I've seen the one video from Miltek. Has anyone installed theirs yet? Wondering how the sound was. Any other companies offering exhaust yet?
  3. Desertfox

    Europe Does the Milltek Exhaust Void Warranty?

    Hello Everyone, Wondering if fitting the Milltek exhaust (Particulate filter back) system will Void the manufacturer warranty? Anybody has first hand knowledge or experience of this?
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