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  1. G-Man

    Grenadiers at the dealer pending delivery: Petrol or Diesel?

    Pure speculation on why deliveries don't necessarily seem to be following order date pecking order, almost certainly because Ineos are trying to ship whatever vehicles they can complete against the backdrop of ongoing parts shortages: It's unlikely that it's something trivial like roof bars or...
  2. Halliwell Jones Chester

    Petrol/Diesel - Pass/Com mix

    Again just some interesting information for you all whilst we wait for our vehicles. This is just me here at Chester and may not represent the entire UK or other countries but thought you may be interested in the split. Total orders % Commercial 47% Passenger 53% Total Diesel/Petrol mix...
  3. B

    Test Drive # Impressed- Perth, Australia

    Test Drive - Perth Australia Some driving on bitumen / tarmac / asphalt More nimble than expected Smooth ride
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