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  1. unimogfrog

    Central Control Interface (CCI) Sticking Buttons, anyone else?

    I am curious if any other owners have experienced very tight or getting stuck Central Control Interface buttons. Mine seem very tight, especially the 4 corner buttons of the 6. If I press them near their outer edges, they get stuck and do not pop up. Anyone else experiencing this. I wonder if...
  2. O

    Central screen stuck in start-up loop

    Have a right hand drive Trialmaster Belfstaff diesel with latest software update. Started the wagon today and the left/main part of infotainment screen was blank. The right side shows usual info, gear, speed, fuel etc. After a minute, the right hand screen goes blank, I get a bong, whole screen...
  3. S

    Australasia First Day of Ownership

    We picked up our Grenadier Fieldmaster from Expedition HQ/SLRV, had a great first day and wanted to thank Ric for all is help in getting it delivered. Joined the forum to see if there was a solution to a problem I was experiencing, the remote central locking not working. Thanks to everyone on...
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