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  1. N Valakelis

    Overland in Africa

    Happy member,and proud owner of the Ineos Grenadier .Based in South Africa
  2. JaySA

    Hello from JHB South Africa

    Hi All I ordered the Grenadier on the 3rd of Feb, and the contract was signed on the 15th of Sep. Production is still unknown. I hope to learn more about the vehicle and prepare for my modification. And hopefully, the Grenadier will be better than my current overland vehicle.
  3. jannie0127

    Hi from South Africa

    HI All. So I'm now standing in line. Feels much better than watching the line... As the heading states I am from South Africa. I've selected the Trailmaster Edition, with some additional specs including the winch. Well not much more to add. Good to be here.
  4. 9592AD38-8E27-4887-9352-E6354AD67871.jpeg


    My Africa, My Grenadier… Kedong, The Great Rift Valley… conquered!
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