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    Production Model at Sydney 4WD Show

    Fantastic idea!@ Tony from Adelaide here (Mar23 Build) Really interested in the ability to fit a second tank as I work right out north and need it. I have followed the threads on this but a production model may be different Thanks!! TC
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    My plans for extra fuel capacity

    Thanks guys yes its is going to be good seeing a production version to see what can be done TC
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    My plans for extra fuel capacity

    Hi guys, Top Cat here. I regularly travel in the Australian bush in my D2 and D4 and both carry a 110litre and the standard disco fuel tanks. The fuel loading is the main concern I have for my ordered Grenadier. I will be keen to see under the vehicle to see if a spot has been left for a second...
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    New member

    Yes, South Australia! But only 6 minutes by D2 to the  Barossa Valley, 4 hours to the Flinders Ranges, what a place to be with a 4WD!
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    Just Joined, Gawler, South Australia

    Hello all, Tony Clark  (Top Cat) here  Just joined the Grenadier  forum and invited to GRUNT, so here I am! Landy's all my life for both pleasure (Simpson, NT, Cape Yorke, High country etc) and Air Force 110's. The Grenadier is what I have been waiting for from Landrover, but I along with...
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    Hello from Melbourne Australia

    Hi Craig Tony here from Gawler near the Barossa, I have ordered mine for almost the same reasons and we have the same set of vehicles! The wife made me get rid of the L322 saying we had too many Landys!! looking forward to the first drive. Our distributor here has not set up yet but have found a...
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    New member

    Hello all, TonyClark (hence Top Cat)  here from Gawler in  South Australia. I have always been a Land Rover fan, having owned 5 D2's, a Range Rover L322 and a D4SE. I am also restoring a 1968 S2a. Whilst I love the look and feel of the new Defender, I could not see myself taking through some of...